Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in AAMRI’s work

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in AAMRI’s work

AAMRI is committed to diversity and inclusion in medical research. We work with our members and will take a leading role to promote inclusivity.


We are promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in our work through:


1. Providing leadership and cohesion across the medical research institute sector.

As the peak body for medical research institutes, AAMRI is uniquely placed to connect our 59 members to share the most effective approaches for medical research institutes and promote positive practices across the MRI sector. In 2020, the AAMRI Board established the AAMRI Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee tasked with developing a sector strategy for advancing gender equality, diversity and inclusion in medical research. AAMRI’s work aims to build on and complement the work of other agencies and bodies working to advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion in STEMM fields.


2. Understanding the MRI sector’s highest priorities for action through a data-driven approach.

AAMRI has been seeking to understand the key issues and areas for action in the MRI sector through an evidence-based approach. AAMRI surveys the workforce of its members every year by gender and seniority. AAMRI will continue to develop and broaden evaluation of diversity and inclusion in the medical research institute workforce and share these insights with our members. We track the gender balance of competitive funding outcomes from major government agencies to ensure that we prioritise action towards the schemes and programs with the greatest disparity.


3. Visibility and balanced representation in AAMRI’s leadership, advocacy, communications and events.

AAMRI has recently achieved balanced representation of women on its Board. AAMRI event programs are developed to ensure inclusiveness with balanced representation among speakers, panellists and session chairs by gender, institute size, location and lived experiences. We are committed to balanced representation of our diverse medical research workforce in photos and profiles in AAMRI publications, communications and advocacy. We seek perspectives of people with lived experiences to ensure their voices are heard in our advocacy work.


We are continuing to develop our knowledge, improve our evaluation processes and continue our balanced representation of the medical research institute sector to promote and advance equality, diversity and inclusion in all our work.


Read AAMRI’s GEDI Strategy and Action Plan.



STEMM = science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine