AAMRI Networks: connecting medical research institute professionals

AAMRI Networks: connecting medical research institute professionals

Goals of the AAMRI Networks

AAMRI Networks connect professionals working at medical research institutes. They provide a forum for ongoing, open discussion and sharing of ideas among institutes. Professionals often face common challenges that are specific to medical research institutes. Each network has the opportunity to organise an annual networking event to meet in person.

Given the diverse and dynamic nature of medical research institute activities, several AAMRI networks have overlapping interests and stay connected.

Communication across the networks is facilitated by AAMRI through private email groups. Members who are part of the network can post to the group and respond to other posts via email.


How to join AAMRI Networks

If you are a member at an AAMRI member institute, and would like to join one or more of our networks (summaries of Network’s are below) complete the form, or email communications@aamri.org.au. If you would like to check if your medical research institute is a member of AAMRI, please see our member page.


    Current AAMRI Networks


    Finance Network

    This network connects finance managers working at MRIs. The network discusses regulatory and policy issues affecting the sector.


    Fundraising and Philanthropy Network

    Connecting Fundraisers, Development Managers, Foundation CEO’s, Philanthropy professionals, Marketing specialist and Communications specialist to discuss donor management, benchmarking, experiences and key issues in the medical research institute sector.


    Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) Network

    Connecting members with an interest in advancing gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the MRI sector to discuss major issues and how institutes and the sector are seeking to address them.


    HR Managers Network

    Connecting human resources managers and senior professionals working in human resources (people and culture) at AAMRI member medical research institutes. The HR Managers event is usually held in March each year.


    IT Network

    Connecting Chief Information Officers, IT Managers and other senior IT professionals at AAMRI member medical research institutes. The IT Network’s annual event is usually held in September each year.


    Legal Counsel Network

    Connecting Legal professionals in a confidential setting to discuss key medical research topics and issues. This network is for those working as internal legal counsel for MRIs.


    Research Administration Officers (RAO) Network

    Connecting Research Administration Officers and other professionals involved in grant administration at AAMRI member medical research institutes.


    Research Governance and Strategy Network

    Connecting professional and support professionals directly responsible for managing and executing institute strategic activities in research management and development at AAMRI member medical research institutes.

    This also includes Animal Research Ethics, and Human Research Ethics.

    The Medical Research Strategy Network’s 2020 virtual workshop was held on 2 September 2020.


    Research Impact

    Learn more about the AAMRI Research Impact Project and the creation of a Framework. This Network is set up to support the creation of the Framework, facilitate conversation and assist those working on research impact within their Institutes.