AAMRI commends Coalition’s commitment to medical research in response to Election Statement

AAMRI commends Coalition’s commitment to medical research in response to Election Statement

14th May, 2019

Medical Research Institutes are pleased to receive a positive response from the Coalition confirming their commitment to fully capitalise the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to $20 billion by 2020-21, in line with current Budget projections.

In addition, the Coalition is committed to increasing funds for the NHMRC in line with indexation, and to providing long-term support for clinical researcher fellowships.

The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) appreciates the renewed commitment to the MRFF and the continued support for the NHMRC – both essential areas for Australia’s future health and wellbeing.

In response to AAMRI’s Election Statement which outlines three key priorities, the Coalition have responded with:

  1. Commitment that the MRFF endowment fund will mature at $20 billion in 2020-21, providing a sustainable, ongoing source of funding for vital medical research.
  2. Supporting the NHMRC and increasing this account over the forward estimates in line with indexation.
  3. Investing $793 million over 10 years for the Frontiers program and clinical researcher fellowships to ensure the next generation of talented Australians have the capacity to make and progress great medical discoveries here in Australia.

At the Federal Budget in April the government provided a ten-year investment plan for the MRFF. The ten year plan outlines eight significant health missions that will see substantial investment including genomics, brain cancer, mental health, dementia, cardiovascular, Indigenous health, stem cell therapies, and traumatic brain injury.

Ten-year plans are particularly good news for the sector as they allow researchers to undertake ambitious projects that will deliver us an innovative research-led healthcare system.

“We welcome these investments in medical research which will ensure our sector can deliver new treatments to patients, faster,” said AAMRI President Vlado Perkovic.

“It’s pleasing to see long-term commitments being made to vital areas of medical research, as well as to supporting clinical researcher fellowships,” said Professor Perkovic.

Responses to AAMRI’s Election Statement have now been received from all major parties and are available on our website (Labour and The Greens).