AAMRI Member Report 2016

AAMRI Member Report 2016

2nd December, 2016

We have just released our AAMRI Member Report 2016, which outlines the make up of the AAMRI member workforce and the outputs of that workforce via clinical trials, patents and other translation, along with other measurable outputs. A media release has gone out this morning to support the launch.

This report is the result of extensive data gathering and analysis by Dr Cath Latham.

We have produced infographics and videos to illustrate some of the data collected. Click on the below infographics to watch the associated videos.


Clinical trials

We have also released another short report called Shining Lights, which is a celebration of our members’ contribution to Australia via health and medical research, and the economic and health outcomes this research brings. We distributed this report on the tables at our Annual Dinner at Parliament House last month.

Shining Lights

We encourage you to read these documents, to share them with your colleagues, and to promote them on social media.

If you have any feedback, please get in touch.