Medical research institutes applaud Labor’s response to AAMRI’s Election Statement

Medical research institutes applaud Labor’s response to AAMRI’s Election Statement

3rd May, 2019

The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) was delighted to receive confirmation today from the Australian Labor Party that a future Labor Government would provide the strong support needed to build a world class health and medical research sector.

In response to AAMRI’s Election Statement, outlining three key priorities, Labor has responded with:

  1. A commitment to see the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) reach $20 billion, on time and on schedule, by 2020-21.
  2. Continued strong support for the NHMRC, with future consideration to be given on a range of issues AAMRI has raised, such as ensuring the grant program remains adequately supported.
  3. Agreement to use MRFF and work with the sector to invest in mid-career researchers and women in STEM.

“It’s welcome news and what the sector has been waiting for,” said AAMRI President, Professor Vlado Perkovic.

“It’s a clear commitment to respond to the three critical priorities we’ve highlighted and will ensure Australia will have a world class research led healthcare system.”

The commitment to fully funding the MRFF is vital to ensure Australia can turn innovative discoveries in the lab into new and effective treatments, while also delivering an affordable healthcare system. By honouring existing budget commitments and fully-funding the MRFF by 2020-21, the Fund will then invest around $1 billion per year back into the medical research sector.

AAMRI also welcomes Labor’s commitment to strengthening the governance of the MRFF to ensure all funding is awarded through contestable, peer-reviewed and transparent processes.

In addition, the recently announced commitment of $125 million of additional funding for cancer research as part of Labor’s Medicare Cancer Plan is strongly welcomed by the sector and will help our researchers to find new cures and treatments, giving new hope to patients and their families.

“I applaud this strong response to AAMRI’s election statement and I look forward to receiving responses from the other parties.”