Submission to Review to Strengthen Independent Medical Research Institutes

Submission to Review to Strengthen Independent Medical Research Institutes

7th December, 2014

By all available measures of impact and success, Australia’s independent medical research institutes (iMRIs) are the jewel in the crown of Australia’s health and medical research sector.

Through a unique model that combines a clear mission-based focus around improved health outcomes, strong links with health service providers and policy makers, and valuable support from the community and business sector, iMRIs provide an interface between research excellence, healthcare and community need that other research organisation models are not able to achieve.

Through nimble organisational structures overseen by highly experienced voluntary boards including some of Australia’s most experienced business and community leaders, and rigorous processes of audit and financial control, iMRIs ensure that they continue to surpass other research organisations in outcomes and efficiency.

iMRIs achieve this despite operating in an environment where they are not supported by the Federal Government in an equitable manner compared to other parts of the research sector, causing underlying structural issues and weakening the sustainability of the sector.

AAMRI and its members, therefore, welcome the opportunity to participate in this review to demonstrate the importance of iMRIs, address any misconceptions about the sector, and discuss opportunities to strengthen the contribution of iMRIs to improved health outcomes.

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