AAMRI’s anti-racism statement

AAMRI’s anti-racism statement

13th August, 2020

AAMRI’s commitment to ending racism

AAMRI rejects all forms of racism.

We recognise that racism and discrimination hold us all back from achieving our potential, and that we are weaker when there are divisions between us. We extend our sympathies and respect to the families of those who have lost loved ones at the hands of racism and violent actions. We stand in solidarity with those who have suffered state violence and institutional racism.

We acknowledge the clear evidence that racism and inequality are causally linked to poor health outcomes for Indigenous Australians. AAMRI is proud to endorse the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

To progress our commitment to reconciliation and to ending racism, AAMRI in partnership with our members will:

  • Call out racism whenever we see it.
  • Contribute to the evidence base on the determinants of disparate health and wellbeing outcomes between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.
  • Use our expertise and our research to help reduce inequality and discrimination.
  • Ensure our research adheres to protocols and guidelines for conducting research with Indigenous communities.
  • Develop workplaces that are welcoming for Indigenous Australians, acknowledging their legitimate cultural rights, values, and expectations.
  • Develop a strong workforce of Indigenous researchers.
  • Offer our support where appropriate to national discussions that aim to reduce health inequities between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians.
  • Establish meaningful and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous people and Indigenous communities.
  • Work with our outstanding Indigenous researchers and other Indigenous leaders to tackle health inequality and improve health outcomes.