New AAMRI Network for research impact at MRIs – join the webinar discussion on 2 December 2021

New AAMRI Network for research impact at MRIs – join the webinar discussion on 2 December 2021


New AAMRI Network for Research Impact

Are you working in research impact at an Australian medical research institute (MRI) and keen to connect with others in the sector who are doing similar work?

Join the AAMRI Research Impact Network.

This new AAMRI network has been established as a community of practice for research impact with the aim to share enabling practices, discuss common challenges and build capabilities in research impact within the MRI sector.


Register for the network webinar and discussion on 2 December 2021

Find out more about this new community of practice for research impact in the MRI sector on 2 December 2021, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm AEDT.




About the AAMRI Research Impact Network


The AAMRI Research Impact Network brings together like-minded individuals from across the Australian MRI sector to engage in exciting and relevant conversations around research impact, with a specific focus on issues and opportunities within the MRI sector.



Through this network, MRI staff can:

  • Share institutional learnings with the aim of improving shared understanding of research impact definitions, enabling practices, effective communication and assessment
  • Showcase examples of good impact and impact stories
  • Build capacity to enable, plan for and assess research impact across the sector
  • Contribute to a common forum for discussing shared issues and challenges


The network will achieve this by:

  • Foster engagement and collaboration across the MRI sector in relation to research impact
  • Provide opportunities to network and to discuss topics of interest to the network
  • Share tools, resources, experiences and examples of national and international best-practice


Chairs of the AAMRI Research Impact Network (Community of Practice):

Tara McLaren, Head Research Development, Telethon Kids Institute

Ken Knight, Research Impact Manager, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute


What is research impact?

Research Impact is defined by the NHMRC as the verifiable outcomes that research makes to knowledge, health, the economy and/or society. Impact is the effect of the research after it has been adopted, adapted for use, or used to inform further research.

The AAMRI Research Impact Network takes a broad an inclusive perspective on research impact, as outlined in the AAMRI Research Impact Framework Final Report.

We understand that effective approaches to research impact require a focus on Impact Practices that promote the translation of research into impact; Impact Pathways that clarify and map hypothesised links to achieving impact; and Impact Indicators that enable impact to be monitored and assessed.


AAMRI and Research Impact

Find out more about the AAMRI Research Impact project, Framework and Report (launched in May 2021) and the Working Group.

AAMRI contact: Cath Latham (

Find out more about how to join this and other AAMRI MRI Staff Networks on the AAMRI Networks page.