Launch of the AAMRI Research Impact Framework Report

Launch of the AAMRI Research Impact Framework Report


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In an Australian first, dozens of medical research institutes from across Australia have come together to develop a universal language to communicate how their work is contributing to knowledge, society, health, and the economy. This ‘research impact’ project has involved years of effort and extensive collaboration to produce.  

“Australia makes a significant investment in research, which provides vital contributions to society in a number of ways. As a sector, we have taken a crucial first step towards better communicating the value of our research to funders and the broader community, and even more importantly, improving our own ability to support research to ensure impact is achieved,” said Tobias Schoep, inaugural co-chairperson of the AAMRI Research Impact Working Group which led the project.     

From discovery research to clinical trials, the large scope of research in Australia has made it difficult to standardise an approach to measuring impact. The AAMRI Research Impact Framework and Report was produced to fill this gap.   

“Our hope is that medical research institutes will now be better able to identify and demonstrate how their research is making an impact, with a view to maximising the return on investments made by government, industry, and philanthropic funders,” said, Mr Charles Goode AC, Chairman of The Ian Potter Foundation, which supported the project.    

All 57 members of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI) were invited to participate, with 32 AAMRI member organisations taking part in the project’s surveys. Participants indicated agreement or strong agreement (>80%) for the inclusion of 87 indicators in the Framework.    

“While not all the indicators included in the Framework will be applicable to all research organisations, we can now use a common language to describe and measure the impacts of our research – giving us ‘one voice’ to show our stakeholders how we are making a difference,” said Professor Jonathan Carapetis AM, President of AAMRI.  

The Report will be launched during an online event on Thursday, 13 May 12.30-1.30pm (AEST). Speakers will summarise key findings, and a panel of national and international speakers will share insights into using research impact metrics in the Canadian, UK and Australian contexts. We encourage you to join us at the launch event. There will also be a live Q&A where webinar participants can ask questions of the panel members via the online chat feature.  

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Find out more about the Research Impact project here.


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