NHMRC Project and Career Development Grants

NHMRC Project and Career Development Grants

5th December, 2016

AAMRI congratulates the many MRI researchers who were successful with their NHMRC Project or Career Development Grant applications, the outcomes for which were announced at the weekend.
After many years of successive drops in success rates, it’s encouraging to see an increase this year. Some AAMRI members even had their most successful year ever.

As AAMRI’s media release about the announcement notes, we hope that the current NHMRC Structural Review will lead to changes that reduce the number of grant applications having to be written, and thus improved success rates in years to come.

As these graphs show, there is still a long way to go towards gender equity in the awarding of NHMRC grants, with women’s grant success rates stagnant since 2012. Again, we hope the NHMRC Structural Review, and initiatives such as Athena SWAN, will help overcome this in the longer term.

After last month’s launch of the Medical Research Future Fund’s Strategy and Priorities at our Annual Dinner, we are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the first disbursements from the MRFF, which will help our sector immensely.

While we’re here, thanks to those of you who have sent us feedback on the AAMRI Members Report 2016 and the communications around it, and for your support for this on social media.