VicAAMRI releases four critical priorities for Victorian Election

VicAAMRI releases four critical priorities for Victorian Election

11th October, 2022

Ahead of the Victorian state election in November, the Victorian Chapter of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (VicAAMRI) is calling for significant investment in the state’s medical research institutes and their workforce.

Four priorities have been outlined to ensure Victoria’s medical research institutes can be ready for the next health crisis and secure the state’s place as a global leader in research and innovation.

VicAAMRI Chair and Director & CEO of the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Professor Elizabeth Hartland, said the priorities were focussed on long-term strategic investment.

“New, expanded and targeted investment will create more than 2,400 new medical research jobs and $555 million in increased revenue,” said Professor Hartland.

“Victoria is world renowned for its excellence in medical research. By continuing to invest in this sector, our state will see a multitude of economic and social benefits in the coming decade.”

The four critical priorities outlined in the Election Statement are:

  • Priority 1: Increase investment in Operational Infrastructure Support (OIS) to support more life changing discoveries at Victorian medical research institutes.
  • Priority 2: Secure the future of our sector by investing $20m over 4 years to support early career researchers.
  • Priority 3: Deliver more life changing outcomes from research by investing $45m over 4 years in translation and commercialisation.
  • Priority 4: Invest $15m over 4 years to attract the best and brightest minds to our state.

Institutes are hardest hit when covering the indirect costs of research – this is everything from building costs and laboratories to IT platforms and commercialisation. Institutes often cover the short fall in these areas, however as the institutes grow to meet our society’s needs, and the gap in funds increase, more support is needed.

“We’re calling for an expansion of the Operational Infrastructure Support program to meet the increasing needs of our Institutes,” said Professor Hartland. “The OIS is an excellent program, and by expanding it in line with the growth of our research, we safeguard this critical work towards new treatments and therapies.”

“By addressing these priorities, we are securing the health of Victorians, and growing our state’s economy.”

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VicAAMRI represents 14 of Victoria’s world-class independent medical research institutes. Our members work to deliver better health outcomes through cutting-edge research across a wide range of health and disease areas. VicAAMRI aims to strengthen Victoria’s medical research sector by raising the profile of health and medical research and the role of medical research institutes in building a healthy and prosperous Victoria.

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