2017 AAMRI Data Collection

2017 AAMRI Data Collection

3rd November, 2017


Data collection will be open for the 2017 AAMRI Member Survey from mid-November, 2017. The survey will be distributed to AAMRI’s member institutes via email. Detailed information about the survey including survey questions and definitions will be available below.

The timeline for the 2017 AAMRI Member Survey and Report is:

  • Data Collection opens – November, 2017
  • Data Collection closes – Extended to 12th January, 2018.
  • Signed Workforce Data Due – Friday 15th December, 2017
  • Final Report – April-May, 2018

Please contact Dr Cath Latham (catherine.latham@aamri.org.au) for enquiries related to the AAMRI Survey and Data Collection.


Survey Questions and Definitions

Completed surveys are due by Friday 15th December, 2017 by returning the spreadsheets as one excel file to Dr Cath Latham (catherine.latham@aamri.org.au). Workforce data (Section 4) will be used to calculate AAMRI membership fees (due in January 2018). The completed workforce section should be completed then printed and signed before scanning and returning as a PDF file to catherine.latham@aamri.org.au by 15th December.

The survey has four sections:

  1. Institutional Information (click here for definitions and explanatory notes)
  2. Financial Data (click here for definitions and explanatory notes)
  3. Research Translation and Engagement (click here for definitions and explanatory notes)
  4. Workforce (click here for definitions and explanatory notes)


For independent MRIs (iMRIs): Complete all FOUR spreadsheets of the survey.

For non-independent MRIs: Complete three (3) spreadsheets: sheet 1, sheet 3 and sheet 4. On sheet 2 (Financial Data), complete a minimum of the “Total Revenue” and “Total Expenditure” fields.

Check back for updates and FAQs as the collection proceeds.

Proceed to Section 1 definitions and explanatory material.