Section 1. Institutional Information

Section 1. Institutional Information

7th November, 2017

This page contains definitions and explanatory material for Section 1 Institutional Information in the 2017 AAMRI Survey and Data Collection.

Proceed to Section 2 Financial Data, Section 3 Research Translation or Section 4 Workforce.


All AAMRI members: Please complete this section in full.

For MRIs that participated in the 2015 data collection, this section in the survey be pre-populated with your institute’s details for most sections. Information on this sheet will need to be checked and updated as necessary.

For MRIs that are newer members, this section will be partially completed based on the information AAMRI can access publicly or internally. Information on this sheet will need to be checked and updated as necessary, and any blank fields completed. Please complete contact details for key personnel at your institute in Part 6 (Institute Contacts)


What’s new in 2017?

NHMRC success rates and funds awardedThis year we are collecting information on NHMRC Project grants and Fellowships awarded in the 2016 and 2017 application rounds. This will include number of applications submitted, number of grants awarded and the funds awarded ($).

We have included this question to capture grant success across ALL AAMRI members, regardless of whether you administer your own grants or whether they are administered by your parent body (eg university).


Section 1 – Survey Questions and Definitions

  • Parts 1-5 – These sections will be mostly prepopulated with information from AAMRIs database. NEW INFORMATION IS REQUESTED REGARDING NHMRC GRANTS AWARDED IN 2016 AND 2017 APPLICATION ROUNDS.
  • Part 6 – Please complete contact details for key personnel at your institute.

For prepopulated information, please indicate whether you have updated or changed anything in each section using the drop down box:

1) Best contact for this form

All correspondence regarding the AAMRI survey will be directed to this contact. In previous surveys, the main contact is most commonly the Chief Operating Officer (COO) or equivalent.


2) Institution Details

Please check prepopulated information carefully, update where necessary and indicate whether updates have been made using the drop down box at the top of each section (“Have you updated any information in this section?”).

NHMRC grants awarded in 2016 and 2017: New information is requested in this year’s survey regarding your institutes success in the 2016 and 2017 application rounds for NHMRC grants. This refers to NHMRC grants awarded in the:

  • 2016 Application Round (submitted in 2016, funding commencing in 2017)
  • 2017 Application Round (submitted in 2017, funding commencing in 2018)

Please include grants that either: 1) You were the administering institution for the grant OR 2) the CIA (principal chief investigator) on the grant is employed by your institute. When completing the “Total value of grants awarded ($)”, please include the total multi-year value of NHMRC funds committed to the successful grants reported in this section (regardless of how much of the awarded funds will be allocated to your institute).


Please indicate that you have completed this section by using the drop down box:


Further information about information requested in part 1 of section 1 is available below:

Entity Type – available at the Australian Business Register.

Charity Subtype – details of the charity subtypes, including “13. Health Promotion Charity”, are listed at the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Deductible Gifts Recipient (DGR) category – Your DGR category is related to the Charity Tax Concession Status. Further information about DGR status can be found by searching the Australian Business Register and at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Do you have an independent board? – Independent means the Board is not majority controlled by another or parent organisation or by a health minister.

Does your institute engage in public health activities or provide health services to the public? – We are interested in capturing non-research activities of AAMRI member institutes in addition to research activities in order to understand the diversity of our members.


3) Affiliations

Please indicate your formal affiliations with universities, hospitals, hubs, other MRIs. Examples of formal affiliations include:

  • for universities, include details such as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), attribution agreement, student referral, use of facilities, current/ex-department of, grant administration, staff
  • for health services, include details such as co-location, MOU, grant administration, shared facilities, staff


4) National and International Sites

Please list inter-state or overseas offices / laboratories with staff employed by the MRI. Collaborations should NOT be included.


5) General information about your institute (from our AAMRI website)

This information will be displayed in the Member Information section of the AAMRI website. Any updates will be reflected on our website.


6) Contact details

  • Any contact listed with a “star” (*) will receive general AAMRI correspondence e.g. AAMRI submissions for feedback.
  • Secondary contacts will receive AAMRI correspondence (e.g. AAMRI submissions for feedback)
  • Please provide appropriate contact, even if they’re mentioned above. This person will only receive correspondence related to their position, not general AAMRI correspondence, unless they’re also included as a secondary contact above.
    • Business Development Manager
    • Chair of Board
    • Communications
    • Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Grants Manager
    • HR Manager
    • IT
    • ANY other key personnel can be listed in the blank fields.

Please proceed to Section 2. Financial Data.