Section 2. Financial Data

Section 2. Financial Data

7th November, 2017

This page contains definitions and explanatory material for Section 2 Financial Data in the 2017 AAMRI Survey and Data Collection.

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Independent MRIs: Please complete this section in full.

Non-independent MRIs: Please complete as much information as possible. We understand you may not have full access to the financial details requested in this section.


What’s new in 2017?

RevenueThe revenue section of this year’s survey has very few changes compared to the 2015 survey. The main changes are:

  • additional categories to report National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant income received
  • categories for Australian Research Council (ARC) income received
  • category for Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) income received
  • Additional categories for commercial income

Expenditure: This year’s survey includes more detailed reporting on indirect/research support and “other” non-research expenditure. We are asking members to report financial data for several indirect costs expenditure categories, which have been defined based on feedback we received from members in early November, 2017.


Section 2 – Survey Questions and Definitions

Part 1 – Revenue

Please complete the financial data for your institute’s financial reporting period (2016 calendar year or 2016-2017 financial year). Select the relevant financial period from the drop down menu.

Please indicate via the drop down menu whether the financial data reported in the survey includes the institute’s international sites or offices in additional to the Australian site/s.

Responses are to be entered in the BLUE boxes. The total for each part is auto-calculated in the ORANGE boxes.

1 i) Total Revenue as per Audited Accounts – for your financial period (either 2016 or 2016-2017). This will be checked against the sum of reported revenue in this section (see line 87).

1 ii) Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR) Grants Revenue – Includes National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australian Research Council (ARC) and all other ACGR funding received by the institute. A full list of grants listed on the ACGR can be found here: Please exclude funds that have been transferred to other collaborating institutions.

1 iii) Other Peer-reviewed Research Grants (non-ACGR) – please complete this section with revenue from other competitive, peer-reviewed research grant schemes that were received from international, Federal Government and State/Territory Government sources. All other competitive research grant revenue NOT from these sources should be reported in “Other peer-reviewed research grants”.

Total revenue from Peer-reviewed grants (sections 1i and 1ii) will be automatically calculated and displayed in the orange box.

1 iv) Non Peer-reviewed Research Grants – please complete this section with revenue from international, Federal Government and State/Territory Government grants that were not from competitive or peer-reviewed schemes. All other non peer-reviewed research grant income NOT from these sources should be reported in “Other non peer-reviewed research grants”.

1 v) Income for Indirect Costs of Research – This includes funding specifically ear-marked for meeting the indirect costs of research (e.g. state government schemes, IRIISS); it doesn’t include income from other sources (e.g. bequest income) that was used to meet the indirect costs of research. Please complete indirect costs income from the following sources:

  • NHMRC (IRIISS) – all IRIISS funding received for your financial period.
  • State or Territory Government – income specifically for Indirect costs only
  • University – via Research Block Grants (RBG)/Research Support Program (RSP). Please include any amount ($) you received from university HERDC funding including RSP and RBG that cover research higher degree student (RHD) load and RHD completions. RBG and RSP grants are available only to universities. MRIs that have agreements with their universities may receive funds from this source via their affiliated university for relative to Category 1-4 funding and research higher degree (RHD) student load.
  • Other income for indirect costs of research – from any other source not listed above. If you have entered an amount here, please provide details in the Notes/Explanations/Comments/Suggestions box.

1 iv) Capital income – from Federal Government or State/Territory/Local Government or “other” sources. If you have entered an amount in “Other”, please provide details of the source in Notes/Explanations/Comments/Suggestions box. Please specify if this amount includes any major philanthropic giving.

1 vii) Commercial Income – Please indicate commercial income in the following categories:

  • Commercial Income – Research includes:
    • revenue raised as a direct result of IP generated by research at the institute. e.g. licences, royalties, options; and
    • industry funding for research activities e.g. funds received for research activities through industry collaboration. Please exclude clinical trials here (and include in specific category below)
  • Commercial Income for Clinical Trials – Research includes to income specifically for clinical trials through research-industry collaboration
  • Commercial Income for Clinical Trials – Service includes to income specifically received for conducting clinical trials as a contracted service.
  • Commercial Income – Other includes income from other sources that are not based on institute-generated IP or direct research activities e.g rent, other services and facilities, contracts and consultancies.

1 vii) Other Revenue

  • Fundraising & Philanthropy – does NOT include competitive grants from Trusts and Foundations.
  • Investment Income – revenue received from institute investments.
  • Other – All other income not included elsewhere in the survey.

Total revenue (sections 1 ii to 1 vii) will be automatically calculated and displayed in the orange box. This value will be checked against the Total Revenue from Audited Accounts (part 1i) on line 88.


Part 2 –  Expenditure

2 i) Total Research Expenditure – please enter expenditure at your institute spent DIRECTLY on research staff and activities, including:

  • Direct research staff salaries, on-costs and salary package items (including research support staff whose salaries are on a grant)
  • Research consumables
  • Specialised equipment purchases for research projects (included in grants)
  • Travel expenditure associated with research grants / fellowships
  • Scholarships provided by the MRI
  • Other direct research expenses normally attributable to a grant.

2 ii) Indirect Costs of Research – expenditure on research support services and staff and other expense categories that activities are necessary to support your institute’s research and are not used to generate income. Any other non-research expenditure that does not fit this definition, please include in 3) “Other Expenditure” below e.g Fundraising.

  • Equipment – Capital and maintenance for general laboratory equipment (that is not directly attributable to a grant / fellowship), please do not include depreciation (include below as part of total depreciation).
  • IT & Data Management – staff, hardware, software, licencing fees and any other expenditure required for IT and data management at your institute.
  • Business Development & Commercialisation – staff, IP protection and other costs of commercialising research
  • Operational & maintenance costs of buildings, land and vehicles – e.g. power, cleaning, rent, phone, security, waste removal.
  • Corporate and support services expenditure –  includes Administrative support, Finance, HR, OH&S, Laboratory Facilities, administration travel expenditure, other professional support staff (including admin, HR, OH&S, public relations, finance, operations, etc.) and executive staff salaries, on-costs and salary package items, laboratory support costs not attributable to a grant / fellowship, including animal services, ethics committees, analytical and other technical services and facilities. Please exclude IT and Business Development and Commercialisation expenditure and other costs listed in other categories above.
  • Services run by the institute (public good) – Running costs for External Services administered by the MRI that DO NOT generate income (e.g. Tissue bank). Includes services run for internal or external purposes (or both).
  • Depreciation of assets – depreciation of institute assets
  • Other Indirect Costs Expenditure – all other indirect cost expenditure not included in the categories listed above. Please give details in the Notes and Comments section on this sheet.

Please note that if your MRI runs mouse/animal house services, it could be included in one of several categories as follows:

  1. If the animal/mouse services are for supporting research in your institute only (not as an external service intended to generate income), please include in 2ii) indirect costs in the category “Corporate and support services”, OR
  2. If your animal/mouse services are run as an external service intended to generate income (or intended as financially self-sustaining) then please include in 2iii) “Other expenditure” in the category“External services run by the institute (financially self-sustaining)”

2 iii) Other Expenditure

  • Fundraising – expenditure associated with fundraising activities, including staff.
  • External services run by the institute (financially self-sustaining) – Running costs for External Services that ARE intended to generate income and are administered by the MRI (staff and other costs for services e.g health and/or clinical services, analytical or technical services and facilities).
  • Other – all other expenditure not included elsewhere. Please give details in the Notes/Comments section on this sheet.

Total expenditure (sum of sections 2 i to 2 iii) will be automatically calculated and displayed in the orange box.


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