Section 3. Research Translation

Section 3. Research Translation

7th November, 2017

This page contains definitions and explanatory material for Section 3 Research Translation in the 2017 AAMRI Survey and Data Collection.

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For all AAMRI members: Please complete this section based on your institute’s financial period – either 2016 calendar year or 2016-17 financial year.


What’s new in 2017?

  • Only ONE YEAR of research translation metrics will be collected (2016 or 2016-17) as we are moving to an annual collection cycle from 2018.
  • We are requesting examples of commercialisation milestones or successes at your institute in the 1 year reporting period.
  • Several metrics and definitions from the National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC) will be used in the AAMRI Survey to streamline reporting for members. Data on Licences, Options and Assignments (LOAs) will now be collected instead of “licences”.
  • Additional data on clinical trials will be collected. In 2015, only numbers of active trials were requested. With the increase in funding for trials through the MRFF, we are aiming to increase our understanding of our member MRIs’ clinical trials activity and the impact of this work, and will increase the clinical trials data in the survey in the next few years.
  • Research Impact Statements & Success Stories will NOT be collected as part of the survey, but will be collected by AAMRI at a later stage.


Section 3 – Survey Questions and Definitions

Please select your institute’s financial reporting period (2016 calendar year or 2016-2017 financial year) from the drop down menu.


1) Commercialisation of Research 

Please provide details of any grants awarded to researchers at your institute for commercialisation of research (e.g. NHMRC Development Grants, ARC Linkage Grants, state or other federal government schemes that support commercialisation of research).

Please provide details of whether there were any investments, deals or other indicators of commercialisation of research involving researchers at your institute. We are interested in capturing MRI activity in research commercialisation that could represent progress at any stage of the innovation and translation pipeline.


2) Patent Information

  • Number of provisional patents submitted – each provisional patent that was submitted by the institute in the one year reporting period.
  • Number of national/international patents submitted – each national or international patent that was submitted by the institute in the one year reporting period. If a patent was submitted to more than one country (e.g. Australia and PCT), please count each submission separately.
  • Number of patents awarded – please report every patent awarded at your institute. Please note, this does not mean all active patents at your institute.


3) Licences, Options and Assignments (LOAs)

The four questions in this section are identical to the definitions for Question 7-11 in the National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC). Please complete this question with responses for your institute’s reporting period indicated above (2016 or 2016-2017).


4) Clinical Trial Activity

Number of commercial clinical trials involving the institute – Commercial clinical trials are funded in part or wholly by a commercial partner, either by contract or collaboration.

Number of public-good clinical trials involving the institute – clinical trials that do not involve a commercial partner. Often supported by public or philanthropic funding (includes investigator-led trials and includes all trials regardless of phase or goal of the trial).

Please indicate if any of these trials involve other MRIs.


5) Spin-out companies

Please give details of any companies spun out in the one year reporting period.


6) Commercial Entities

Please give details of any controlled commercial entities (more than 50% owned). Please also include any spin-out companies listed in Question 5 above that are also ≥50% owned subsidiaries/controlled entitites. Include a brief description of the purpose / activities of the subsidiary; please indicate if it the subsidiary is overseas or inter-state.


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