Section 4. Workforce

Section 4. Workforce

7th November, 2017

This page contains definitions and explanatory material for Section 4 Workforce in the 2017 AAMRI Survey and Data Collection.

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For ALL AAMRI Members: Workforce (full time equivalent FTE) numbers (where indicated) will be used to calculate AAMRI membership fees, due in January 2018. Please complete this worksheet with workforce numbers, print, sign by authorising officer and return a scanned copy to Dr Cath Latham ( by 15th December, 2017.


What’s new in 2017?

  • AAMRI is collecting workforce data by gender in this year’s survey. While we understand that MRIs classify research staff differently from universities, higher education Academic Levels will be used as a guide for defining research staff seniority. This will enable some comparison with the higher education sector as well as helping with consistent reporting for MRIs in this survey. Extensive lists of examples are given in each category on the worksheet.
  • International staff and students (other than research higher degree students) are reported separately from “other” staff and students (are not used to calculated fees).


Section 4 – Survey Questions and Definitions

All definitions are included on the Section 4 worksheet. For questions or clarification, please contact Dr Cath Latham (


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