The AAMRI Member Report 2020

The AAMRI Member Report 2020

15th October, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 AAMRI Member Report, where we as a sector benchmark and demonstrate the impact we have.

The collection and analysis of data for this report is completed every second year by AAMRI and involves many people from right across all our member institutes. We have created a short animation, covering the highlights, key figures and some interesting facts from this report:

You can read the report, Australian Medical Research Institutes – The AAMRI Report 2020, online.

In this year’s report, we provide a snapshot of the medical research institute sector’s workforce, revenue and expenditure, funding the full cost of research and research translation.

As you navigate the report you will see we have viewed the data through the lens of our new COVID-19 world. Although the data collection was completed prior to COVID-19 entering Australia in
large numbers, we are all acutely aware that our sector, and Australia, will not look the same again for some time to come.

Therefore, we have taken this opportunity to create a pre-pandemic snapshot while also providing commentary on our current situation in 2020. This will help us plan for the future.