Submission on changes to ARC funding rules

Submission on changes to ARC funding rules

4th July, 2014

AAMRI has submitted a number of concerns about proposed changes to Australian Research Council (ARC) funding rules for Discovery Program schemes and Future Fellowships.

Highlights of the AAMRI submission include concerns that the proposed changes:

  • for no cogent reason, continue to exclude most researchers employed at independent medical research institutes from applying for ARC funding
  • deem ineligible some researchers that are currently eligible to apply for ARC grants
  • consequently compromise the ARC’s mission to fund research based on scientific merit and the potential significance of outcomes.

AAMRI has posited that it is in the best interests of the Government, taxpayers, researchers, and research organisations (including universities and independent MRIs) for competitive Commonwealth funding schemes to be open to researchers based at all not-for-profit organisations.

AAMRI has suggested alternative amendments to the Discovery Program eligibility criteria that would achieve the ARC’s aim of supporting the most worthy research and researchers, while streamlining funding rules and minimising the ARC’s administrative burden.

AAMRI also highlighted some reservations regarding proposed changes to the Future Fellowship scheme, including the removal of the 15-year post-PhD limit for applicants, the requirement that applicants do not have continuing positions of more than three years, and that host institutes fund Future Fellows on a continuing basis post-award.

AAMRI’s full submission can be downloaded below.